Reimagining Engineering and Construction

At Cybrik we believe better projects are possible. We are creating new tools that radically improve the productivity and outcomes of engineering and construction.

What We Do


Project Intelligence

Cybrik Project Intelligence is an enterprise SaaS platform that automates administration, provides insights to your project team and eliminates rework before it can happen.


Project Services

We provide a range of data science consultancy and advisory services to help project teams optimise their processes and transform their projects for the digital era.

Our Capabilities

Process Automation

Artificial Intelligence

Industry Expertise

Real Business Impact

30% Faster

growth rate for AI powered firms compared to the competition

Over 2 hrs a day

spent searching for information every day by each of your project team

50% Higher

profit margins for AI powered firms compared to the competition

54% of the day

spent by your project manager on administrative tasks

20% Increase

in performance for project teams that adopt AI in their processes

86% welcome

the introduction of AI into project management processes

“The production and flow of quality information to the right people at the right time is really what makes a good project”

– IPA Global, 2019


Cybrik is building the foundations of a new, more productive, engineering and construction industry.

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