We believe better projects are possible

By combining years of experience in project delivery with the latest technologies we are pioneering a radical new approach to engineering and construction.

Where we focus

Increase Efficiency

Improve the productivity of your project team


Reduce Risk

Manage and mitigate project risks better

Improve Information

Making the right information available at the right time

Inventing the Project Tools of the Future

Better Information Leads to Better Projects

Agile project teams that learn and adapt

Little has changed in the way engineering and construction projects have been delivered for the past 50 years. Meanwhile, projects have become more complex and generate exponentially more information. Whilst the rest of the world has undergone a digital transformation that has resulted in radical improvements in efficiency, engineering and construction has been left behind.

In responding to the challenge of delivering projects on-time and on-budget the industry has focused on command and control methodologies. But these have just added to administration and have not addressed core project failings.

At Cybrik, we are inventing new, digital first tools, that augment and enhance project teams, accelerating them into the 21st century and beyond. At the heart of our approach is a focus on information. Projects generate vast amounts of information but that data is largely siloed, unstructured and unused. At the same time, project decision makers are suffering from information overload.

We apply process automation and machine learning to improve how information is generated and distributed across a project. This ensures that the project team get the right information at the right time to make better decisions, making them more agile and able to learn and adapt to the complexity and risk of project delivery.

Real Business Impact

Less Administration

On average, project managers spend 54% of their time on administration.

Reduce the high cost of administration by automating microprocesses freeing up your time to focus on the critical issues. 

Better Insights

The average team member is spending over 2 hours a day just finding the information they need. 

Make information easily accessible and use the power of data analytics to uncover deep insights.  

Reduced Rework

Rework is really expensive costing an average project 9% of its final budget. 

Use the power of A.I. to identify and eliminate the errors and omissions that cause rework. 

A new approach to project delivery

Cybrik was started by project managers frustrated that they did not have the tools they needed to manage the challenges of engineering and construction but inspired by the radical improvements other industries had seen having undergone digital transformation.

Project Intelligence

Our mission is to provide teams with the right information at the right time, so that they can make better decisions.

We have searched the world and spoken to hundreds of experts across industries and academia to bring the best technologies and approaches to ensure success for our customers.

The Cybrik Name

The name Cybrik comes from a blend of two core concepts central to our mission: cybernetics and the brick.

Cybernetics is derived from the Greek word for governance. Cybernetics itself is a multidisciplinary approach to action and control in complex systems. 

Brick refers to Cybrik’s vision of building the foundations of a new, more effective, engineering and construction industry. A brick is solid and gives confidence but it is also versatile and can be used in multiple ways. Just like our approach to projects.


Establsihed in

Years of project delivery experience


Our team combines a wealth of experience in engineering and construction project delivery with in-depth knowledge of technologies such as cloud services, machine learning and data analytics. 

Matt King, CEO and Founder

15 years experience in E&C​
University of Southampton, M.Sc​
University of London, MEng​

Giorgio Zorzi, Lead Data Scientist

Deployed NLP in offshore energy​ projects
University of Strathclyde Ph.D
Universita degli Studi di Padova, M.Sc

Chris Newlands, COO and Cofounder

20 years experience in E&C
Brandeis University, M.Sc


Catherine Moroz

Catherine is a member of the audit committee for the Commonwealth. She was previously Vice President and company secretary at LivaNova a medtech company and general counsel at Virgin Media. 

She holds a law degree from Yale University. 

Cybrik operates a distributed team that allows us to hire the best talent wherever they are based in the world. See our careers page if you would like to be part of the team.

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Cybrik is building the foundations of a new, more productive, engineering and construction industry.

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