We believe better projects are possible

By combining years of experience in project delivery with the latest thinking and technological advances we are pioneering a radical new approach to engineering and construction.

Where we focus

Increase Efficiency

Improve the productivity of your project team


Reduce Risk

Manage and mitigate project risks better

Improve Information

Making the right information available at the right time

Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Construction is a $13.5 Trillion dollar industry growing at around 4% per annum. But the industry is failing to deliver.

3/4 of projects are delivered late and 2/3 are overbudget

Industry productivity has been flat for 30 years

Costs are increasing faster than inflation

The industry remains one of the least digitized of all

Inventing the Project Tools of the Future

Our mission is to help build the world better by providing engineering and construction professionals with the tools they need to deliver better projects.

Better Information Leads to Better Projects

Project decision makers today suffer from information overload. We apply process automation and machine learning tools to improve how information is generated and distributed across a project. This ensures that your project team get the right information at the right time to make better decisions. 

Why is this important?

Being able to build the world more efficiently and effectively will help the world address three major challenges it faces in the coming years.

Climate Change

To address the challenge of climate change we need to rapidly build out a zero carbon economy and adapt our existing infrastructure to mitigate against the worst impacts.

Standard of Living

There is a clear relationship between improvements in infrastrucutre and improvements in people’s quality of life.

Digital Disruption

For society to get the most benefit from technological advances in AI, IoT, drones and autonomous vehicles will require a radical reconfiguration of our built environment.

Real Business Impact

30% Faster

growth rate for AI powered firms compared to the competition

1hr 45 minutes

spent searching for information every day by each of your project team

50% Higher

profit margins for AI powered firms compared to the competition

54% of the day

spent by your project manager on administrative tasks

20% Increase

in performance for project teams that adopt AI in their processes

86% welcome

the introduction of AI into project management processes

A new approach to project delivery


Cybrik AI Project Intelligence

Working with our key clients we are developing a project intelligence solution that helps to ensure that stakeholders get the right information at the right time to make better decisions.


Consulting Services

We provide a range of consultancy, advisory and research services on project best practices, digital transformation and process optimisation for engineering and construction. 



We are building a community of thought leaders experts, innovators, and organizations driving the transformation fo engineering and construction

Establsihed in

Years of project delivery experience


Cybrik operates a distributed team that allows us to hire the best talent wherever they are based in the world. See our careers page if you would like to be part of the team.

Matt King, Product Market Fit

15 years experience in E&C​
University of Southampton, M.Sc​
University of London, MEng, Naval Architecture​

Cybrik was founded by Matt King in 2019

Our diverse team hails from four different countries and combines a wealth of experience in engineering and construction projects with indepth technical knowledge of big data, cloud services and machine learning.

Giorgio Zorzi, Data Science

Deployed NLP in offshore energy​ projects
University of Strathclyde PhD, Wind and Marine Energy​
Universita degli Studi di Padova, M.Sc Electrical Engineering

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Cybrik is building the foundations of a new, more productive, engineering and construction industry.

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