Help us build the world, better

We are looking to radically transform an antiquated industry. This is no easy task. But with your help, we can build the tools of a new industry. 

Why Invest? 

A huge problem

McKinsey has estimated the industry wastes over $1.6 trillion every year because of inefficiencies. 

A great team

Cybrik’s team combines domain expertise, business acumen and technical skills. 

An innovative approach

Whilst others are just digitising existing workflows we are focused on building new tools. 

The Market

Engineering and construction is one of the world’s largest industries. It is responsible for delivering a wide range of complex projects and developing the built environment that is vital to the world’s economy and our standard of living. 


Trillion Dollar Market


of global workforce employed in the industry


Industry growth rate

The Problem

Opportunities are being missed and value is being destroyed across the supply chain. It is an industry that has failed to modernize and is ripe for disruption.  


Trillion dollars of waste every year because of inefficiencies


of projects are late and


are delayed


growth in labour productivity across the industry for the past 30 years

Our Solution

We’re putting information at the heart of the problem to transform the way projects are delivered. Our platform empowers project teams to deliver their best projects.  

B2B Platform

We offer our platform as a cloud-based or on-prem software solution delivered as enterprise SaaS. 

New Approach

Our platform combines domain expertise with process automation and machine learning. 



estimated project management cost savings with our MVP and a three year roadmap for increased value creation. 

Why Now?

The Digital Tools are Ready

Technologies such as process automation, cloud computing and A.I. are now mature enough to be deployed successfully on real industrial use cases. 

An Industry Ready for Change

After years of complacency, increased focus on productivity, consultancy engagements and recent crisis have accelerated the industry’s awareness of the need for a new approach. 

Building a Better World

A robust and resilient built environment is fundamental to economic growth, improvements in living standards and society’s ability to deal with future crisis.


Cybrik is building the foundations of a new, more productive, engineering and construction industry.

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