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Cybrik AI is a cloud based project intelligence system. Delivered as a service it ensures superior project performance.

Cybrik Project Intelligence

Wasting time digging through folders?

Traditional document management systems are not designed for the variety, volume and velocity of data that modern projects are generating leading to information overload and data being lost in the noise.

Lots of administration, but still not in control?

Modern project management tools focus on tasks and control but fail to learn and adapt to the complexity and uncertainty of real work projects.

Confused by the cloud?

Digital technologies are moving fast and can deliver measurable improvements in project performance. But most applications have been created by IT professionals with no experience in project delivery.

Managing Your Project Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Deploy the power of Cybrik AI on your project and free your project team to focus on the important things.

Cybrik AI is the only engineering and construction project intelligence tool that gives each one of your team an easy way to search and retrieve the information they need, quickly and easily.

Better Information Leads to Better Projects

Project decision makers today suffer from information overload. We apply process automation and machine learning and focus on how information is generated and distributed across a project. This ensures that your project team get the right information at the right time to make better decisions.

Information is critical to project delivery.  Multiple systems track project data today: CRM, ERP, Document Control, Project Management. But they all do it in different, non-connected, non-shareable ways.  Information is misunderstood, or neglected, or simply not available, because it’s too hard for the project team to track, accurately and in real time.  Incredibly, an average project team member is losing 1 hr 45 minutes a day searching and gathering the information they need to carry out their work.

Most project management tools were developed for the last century, tedious and sluggish, while the world changes in seconds.  This makes it difficult for a project team to treat information as a valuable resource.  But that’s exactly what it is. Information is an asset. And project teams need to understand how to best use that asset today, and in the future.  

A typical $100M project will produce around 250,000 pages of documentation.  Do you really know what those thousands of pages say? How can we connect our project data to our outcomes, analyse it, understand it, and make predictions about it?  It requires a new way to think about and manage project information.  

It requires project intelligence. 

True project intelligence is much more than the sum of static data and reports.  It means project teams can connect information to outcomes produced, and understand and deploy it to make better decisions.

Project intelligence allows management to treat data the way they treat money, resources and materials.  And this new knowledge can flow back to individual project team members, so they can better understand their own scope and how they are contributing to project success. Which in turn makes the project more successful.   

Optimising project information and treating the data as an asset is a competitive advantage. Getting you there is a problem Cybrik solves. We’ve developed technology for project intelligence. We’re building it for our IoT, mobile, cloud, social, and AI era. It’s project management for the 21st century.  

We call it the Cybrik AI and it liberates your project team from bureaucracy and allows them to focus on the real challenges of project delivery.  

Cybrik’s architecture harvests project information and events everywhere, in any form, and on any device. We link your project information to every system you rely on: legacy software, new apps, or any technology you might buy in the future.  

Cybrik adds the intelligence layer to validate, process, analyse, and transform project data into powerful information and deliver insights that even the most experienced project managers may be unaware of.  With Cybrik, you will have the information you need at your fingertips to make better decisions and ensure improved project performance.  

Cybrik AI is project management for the 21st century.

Features and Benefits

Cybrik AI uses process automation and machine learning to deliver a range of powerful tools to your project team in a simple and user friendly interface that can be seamlessly integrated into your current workflows and processes. 

Cloud Based

Cybrik AI is built on Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform ensuring your team can access the data wherever they are in the world 24/7


Data Lake

Cybrik AI employs a data lake allowing you to reliably keep track, structure and make sense of the wide variety of information types a modern project generates


Cybrik AI gives you all the normal document archive functionality you would expect such as version control and access management. 



Your data is secured using end-to-end encryption meaning that people you don’t want accessing the information can’t – including us! 

Advanced Search

We understand the language of projects allowing you to reliably search for information within, and across, your projects. 


It can be difficult to keep track of all the changing  requirements of a project. Cybrik AI provides domain specific project summaries, allowing your team to quickly get up to speed. 

Future Features

Cybrik AI is being continuously improved as technology advances and as our customer requirements change. We have a number of new features in the development pipeline.


Change Management



Knowledge Management


Task Management


Project Dashboards

Deliverable Generation


Conflict Resolution

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